Random questions i have

Are acrylic license plates with LEDs (they are the correct alliance color) allowed?
Is it allowed for my user control (from skills) to be a button pressed which runs my auton program (skills)? For this one i feel like this should be allowed. From what I understand user control is where a person controls a robot and pressing a button that performs a function is considered user control. It’s similar to when someone in turning point has a piece of code which automatically aimed up to the flags.

Colour changing plates would probably be legal as a non functional decoration provided that no other rules were violated. You’d most likely still need to have the correct colour official plate as well though.

Functions/autonomous behaviours triggered by a button in driver control are definitely legal and a very useful tool for your drivers.


For the acrylic plates they are the right color based off the blue/red alliance you are on, the LEDs are the alliance color also.

To clarify, because I’m not sure I fully understood, you want to use a button in driver control to run a programmed set of movements, correct? You are not asking about using a button to trigger your autonomous in autonomous mode, which would be illegal.

Teams use chunks of automated routines in their driver control all the time, so that would be legal. Examples include flag alignment from TP, internal stacking algorithms in ITZ, and the list goes on and on, but you get the point.

As far as the custom plates, I wouldn’t rely solely on the lights to distinguish your alliance. I’d slap the official plates on there as well just to be sure. Plus, the lights might hinder another team’s vision sensor or something along the lines, so I’d be prepared to turn off or unplug the lights if you are asked to do so. (And you need alliance identification plates at that point anyway, so I’d have them on there.)


So the idea is to do skills User Control and for that I press a button and that button performs a function. The function is the skills Auton.
Sorry if i didn’t clarify enough.

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Yes, that would be legal. Although I’m not sure why you would want to just run a full Skills auton. Some teams like to start the same way, but to get code that automatically corrects itself like a driver would be able to might be kind of difficult.


The reason i want that is because it’s pretty much guarantee points, im planning on making my auton get 48 - 85 pts. That would be almost a 100% chance to states and maybe even worlds (idk if you can get to worlds based off skills)

Semiautonomous roboting in teleop mode is completely fine.


You can. Look at the qualifying criteria.


from page 5:

  1. If all spots could not be given away at a Championship event, or if a team qualifies multiple times either at the Championship or previous to the Championship, there will be remaining spots in that region for re-allocation. Remaining middle school spots will be given to middle school teams and remaining high school spots, that were not taken by middle school teams, will be given to high school teams. The highest, unqualified team on the Robot Skills Challenge Score from the World Robot Skills Standings from that region will get the spot and be determined after the last Championship event in that region. Scores from the Championship event will be included on the World Robot Skills Standings for consideration in this process.
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is there a max number of cubes a robot can hold?

I haven’t seen one, no. The only max I’ve seen is the preloads.

@HarryWood thanks

but do you know if there is a max height forthe robot while in game?

There is actually no height limit.

no max height nor width or length

There is no max - in height or otherwise. Rule R4. Just that it must be 18x18x18 at the start of the match.

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Thank you so much you guys have been so much help

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wait so is there no 36 horizontal limit for horizontal expansion anymore?

Take a look at the game manual (https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/vrc-tower-takeover/GameManual-20190816.pdf), especially rule R4 which describes the robot sizing. The rules change each year, so you will need to study the manual each year.


One idea would be to write a program where if a certain button is pressed, the Programming Skills program will run, but you can also let go and drive manually. (For example, you could run the Programming Skills until the robot gets stuck, then drive manually for the rest of the run.)

I wonder if you could even write it to resume the autonomous program from where it left off the next time the button is pressed during the run (although that probably wouldn’t be helpful if you needed to perform other actions manually in between segments of the autonomous run). Or you could make two buttons, one for one part of the run and one for another part, and drive manually in between.


What I might end up doing is having the auton be cut into chunks so if one chunk messes up I can manually adjust it and then continue the code. One chunk would be L2, then next part is R2 then L1 then R1 ect. This is highly dependent on how much time / practice i have with it.