Random V5 Screen Blank

Recently, we competed at a local competition and our V5 shutdown, showing only a blank white screen, in the middle of the match. Simultaneously, a V5 on the opposing team shutdown as well, but there screen went black. After the match, we ran a power cycle and the V5 came back up normally. This was not our first time having the problem. It went blank white before but we assumed it was conditional and wouldn’t happen during a competition. Other teams with V5s had had similar problems. (One had the blue screen of death!!!) Are there any known solutions to the problem, so that this doesn’t happen during another competition?

I don’t know if this is actually a fix, but we were having a situation where the V5 screen would freeze on occasion. We added a 10ms wait in our loop and it seems to have helped, but we haven’t been running very long since the change (just have our fingers crossed that it won’t happen again).

@Team 5735Z check out this discussion…

I saw this happen to a team last night during an event match.
The likely culprit is a very short loss of power to the brain.

Is everything up to date with the latest firmware? Could that be an issue?

Our V5 is up to date (1.0.3). We haven’t had the problem again so far.