Randomly inverted motors??

Hi, this is my first post on the forums and I’m very excited for this seasons game.
Well for now my team is having some problems on our robot. On occasion motors are inverting themselves, requiring us to either physically invert them or to change them in the software. It is happening over and over again with the same motors and we would like to know why this is happening?

HI, we had the same problem for a while … we had to keep inverting one of our lift motors, all we did to fix this was reset the system firmware and re upload the program and it seemed to fix it … (what programming software do you use, we use robotc)

Hope this helps

You can reverse the direction of a motor by reversing the connectors between the motor controller and the motor. Red-red and black-black is forward, but it’s fine if it goes red-black and black-red.