Rank in Filtered World Skills Standings

I would like to request that the World Skills Standings add a way to easily view the rankings of all teams in a certain grade level and/or region.

For example, if team 1000A is ranked 48th in the world, but 5th among high school teams in Florida, and the High School and Florida filters are selected, then the World Skills Standings would show the latter ranking (5), in addition to the worldwide ranking (48). The same would be true for all other teams listed.

If necessary, the ranking among the teams displayed could replace the overall ranking, but if possible, it would be beneficial to keep the ability to view the overall ranking even when a filter is applied. (Doing so makes it easier to see which teams within a region are currently in the top 35/15 worldwide, or how that region’s teams are doing compared to the rest of the world.)

If the two rankings are not shown simultaneously, I would suggest providing a way to switch between the two views (If feasible), such as a checkbox similar to the one that shows or hides post-season rankings.

Thank you again for all you do.

This is fairly straightforward to accomplish under a community-driven website using convenient VexDB data with region and grade-level parameters. This is also something I’ve been wanting to see, so maybe someone else with web-design experience will take up the project. Not me this time ;), my only server is dedicated to the regional notifications.

Perhaps @MayorMonty would be interested?

Ehh, it probably only take me a few hours to do, but lemme gauge interest first

@MayorMonty sounds good. I’d imagine its very straightforward as well. VexDB packages the data into a nice JSON object so its super easy to format/organize. All you’d really have to worry about is the front end display, because the scripting is trivial using JQuery .ajax().

It took about 5 hours of straight development time writing the notification server, but there was quite a bit more to the backend scripting and I had to do some setup/thinking about making it work on my server. I also had to be very certain it was reliable before I publicly launched it. You’ll have less of that, but the front-end will cost as much time if not more then that component. Luckily, reliability isn’t a huge deal here.

We’ll see if the community is interested, I’m guessing a lot of people would want this.

@Ashwin Gupta and @MayorMonty:

I agree that there would be a lot of teams interested in this - especially this year, now that the top 35/15 is separated by grade level (as are the regionally-allocated Worlds Skills spots and many State/Regional/Provincial/National Championship Skills spots).

Even though I think Robot Events might be able to implement my initial suggestion relatively soon, I can think of several features which Robot Events does not provide, but which a separate site could.

First, here are what I think could be the easiest features. (The very easiest are listed in bold.)


  1. Use filters on Skills scores from previous seasons, or to filter the rankings for Programming Skills or Driver Skills instead of Robot Skills.
  2. Use filters while showing fields that are not displayed by Robot Events, such as the name of the event where the highest Skills score was obtained.**
  3. Filter by searching in a particular field (e.g. school name), rather than across all fields, and the ability to include only exact matches for a field.
  4. Sort by the values of fields other than the Robot Skills score, or by multiple values at once (e.g. Programming Skills, then Driver Skills).

Second, here are some features that would require the website to look at all Skills scores, and not just the World Skills Standings, but which would be useful if they are feasible:
5. Filter scores by a date range. (This would require the ability to search across events instead of just the World Skills Standings, but would be helpful for viewing historical rankings, or for seeing which teams qualified or almost qualified for a State/Regional Championship, even after it is over. The latter would help students to learn the importance of Skills scores.)
6. Include or exclude scores from State/Regional Championships.
7. Include or exclude scores from certain types of events (e.g. leagues, TSA, tournaments, Skills Only).

And finally, there are a few features that I am not sure would be feasible, but which would be useful if they can be done:
8. Include or exclude teams that have already qualified or registered for their State/Regional Championship, or who have won a tournament.
9. Customize which fields to show or hide.
10. Although I do not expect it to be as useful as the others, the ability to filter scores by the country, region, city, or school where the score occurred might be used by some teams. (Edit: Before I posted this, @nichols jj mentioned the same idea in another thread, as part of a discussion about whether Skills scores are treated the same way regardless of the reason):

Disclaimer: I do not know much about how the VexDB API works or how to create and maintain this type of website, so I realize that some of these features (especially the last three) might be difficult or impossible to implement.

Thank you so much for creating this website! Regardless of what features it includes, I am looking forward to seeing it once it is published.

P.S. I suppose these features could also be implemented as an addition to the VexDB site, if @nallen01 is interested and has the time.

Also, I myself might someday be able to create a website like the one proposed here, but I am not sure if I currently have the time or skills needed.

@MayorMonty, it would be helpful.

But if it’s going to take you hours, don’t worry about it. VexDB already beats robotevents in my eyes, and spending hours to add a small feature isn’t worth your time. Thanks for vexDB by the way!

I am a big fan of Vexdb.io. That said, a fairly easy way to achieve what you want would be to copy the results into a spreadsheet and add a column numbered sequentially.

It would be better if robotevents.com did this for you, but given all the money they are pouring into it based on all the added fees, it may take them a while to get this done. Before they do that, they need to get their skills scores page updated with current info. Right now, it looks like they are a bit more than 2 weeks behind as was pointed out by someone on another post.

Because of the data that vexdb provides in their get_skills endpoint, I do actually have to make requests for each team and event, so these actually wouldn’t be that hard to implement

OK. I’m happy to hear that this will be feasible.

Thanks again, @MayorMonty.

And like @Anomaly said,

The spreadsheet is a good idea. I will probably use that until the website is finished (and occasionally even after). I even know an easy way to filter by grade level using the spreadsheet, without having to do more work than copying and pasting the World Skills Standings (other than the initial setup, which would only take a few minutes).

Also, I agree with you that making the official World Skills Standings up to date is much more important than the filter. The filter can easily be simulated with a spreadsheet, but not the updates to the Skills standings (until they are actually added to Robot Events).

I’ve practically finished the entire project, live at https://mayormonty.github.io/skills/, all I really need to do is some UI stuff and it should have a lot of the functionality requested

ah nice you were fast. I like the design. What should I work on?

Also, out of curiosity, what editor/template did you use for the site? Or hand written?

The easiest thing for someone unfamiliar with the codebase to do would be adding support for more filters. Check out the file https://github.com/MayorMonty/skills/blob/master/lib/getSkills.js, where all the filters are, and see if you can add any. Thanks!

got you, no problem. Thank you for doing this! Sorry to just pawn it off on you like I did, that was not my intention. I did mean to help you get started but I was crazy busy this weekend :wink:

Ehh, it was good practice for me, I haven’t made a good PWA in a while.

Thank you so much, @MayorMonty (and @Ashwin Gupta)! This website is going to be very useful.