I was wondering. There was this post, and it was in technical support, and this person was asking a question I new the answer to and It wouldn’t let me post. Is there a certain rank or something?

Only moderators can post in certain threads. Mostly the offical support and offical q&a threads.

Oh, ok. Thank you

I wish that the forums were clear to people posting in those “restricted” threads so they knew that none of us could answer their question. Most of the time people that post there are people that are brand new to the forums and are trying to get immediate help, which usually doesn’t happen in those forums. There should be some sort of popup that says “Warning: Your post can only be replied to by VEX staff, if you would like the community to be able to reply please post in ‘x’ forum”

I got caught by this twice when I first joined before I figured it out.