Rare Vex Merch

I love collecting Vex Buttons, drive team buttons, basically just Vex Merch. If anyone has some Vex Merch they are willing to sell, let me know! :slight_smile:


I have a framed, autographed picture of Jack Barker holding his Sack Attack robot.

Not for sale.

Those are clothing I am more looking for buttons and pins. I have a robot coach button. Stuff like that.

Do you have any vex stuff for sale?

Honestly I doubt that anyone is really willing to sell off their pins. They are pretty memorable keepsakes full of memories, and I know that I would not be willing to sell those off.

I have a robot coach pin and a worlds pin, I just love collection cool vex stuff

I understand that, but I think most people would not be willing to sell their things.

Understandable, but that isn’t always the case

Vexmen Gear is always great! Unfortunately we have done our orders for the year but have a few men’s medium and men’s large navy blue short sleeve t-shirts left.

We also have Vexmen magnets and a few stickers for laptops.

Downside is we are in PA.


You can see the car magnet in here:

I will defiantly be orderin something :slight_smile: