Raspberry Pi 4 and Ram?

I am looking at purchasing some Raspberry Pi 4s.

Does anyone have a suggestion for the amount of ram the Raspberry Pis should have to work well during a tournament?

Thanks for your help.

Are you trying to use a raspberry pi on a Vex IQ competition robot? What is your use purpose?

RPi are only legal for VEXU. Assuming you are on a VEXU team, it would be helpful if you said what you are going to use them for.

Before the shortage there was not much of a price difference between memory sizes, so the 8 that I have all are max memory (8 Gb)

Guessing this is for running Tournament Manager displays? Whatever you can lay you hands on should be fine, they aren’t always easy to come by. We have loads of Pi3 which are fine. I even still have one Pi2 which works OK too.

If you are not asking about Vex IQ, please try to change the category of this post from “Vex IQ General Discussion” to your actual topic.

If you actually talking about Vex IQ, then you should know that they are not allowed on a competition robot. Are you trying to do some filming or running the tournament manager from it?

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I am sorry that I did not give enough information.

The Raspberry Pis will be used on VEX IQ field displays and projector displays. I see in the Tournament Manager Guide that Raspberry Pis should have a microSD card of at least 2GB, but it does not say anything about the Ram size. Raspberry Pis come in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB RAM. I want to buy what works best, but not buy 8GB RAM when 1GB works just fine.

I am going to purchase Raspberry Pi 4s, but I know that I will have trouble getting them.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you might have.

I have been running 12 Raspberry Pi 3B+ for years and they have done fine. I think they have 1Gb ram and the plus version was the first with onboard WiFi.
They have been used at events exceeding 100 teams with no issues.

I also know other EPs that are running v4 without a problem.

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Thanks for the info.
I appreciate it.

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