Raspberry Pi 4 TM Problems

Raspberry PI for display not working. Attached is error message.

Any help appreciated. I am new to the World of Raspberry PIs. Downloaded latest version of TM this afternoon from website. Below is image on display when PI started.

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The image you downloaded is compressed (like a zip file) in the xz format. It looks like you wrote the .xz file directly to the SD card. You either need to extract it first and write the image that’s inside, or better would be to download the Raspberry Pi Imager tool from the Raspberry Pi website and use that, since it can extract the .xz file on the fly.

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weird - correct sdCard

Did you use Raspberry Pi Imager? Have not had a single problem burning in images on rPi 3, 4, 400, and le potato SBC


Micro SD cards should be formatted as Fat32. That means that you would need to force Fat32 onto a Micro SD that is above 32 GB in capacity, using a utility to do so. If your Micro SD is 32GB or less you can just connect the Micro SD card to your computer, right click the Micro SD card, and format as Fat32. If above 32GB, you may need to use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to force Fat32 formatting onto the Micro SD.

You may need to start from scratch. Connect the Micro SD card into a computer and clean the Micro SD fully using something like Minitool Partition Wizard (can be downloaded online) if Windows or the Pre-installed Disk Utility app on MacOS.

After, install Pi OS onto the Micro SD using the imager utility that can be found here: Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi

Plug in the Micro SD afterwards and start the Pi. You may need to wait 5-10 minutes for it to boot up.

No, none of that is needed. Writing a disk image to an SD card with Pi Imager and similar tools completely overwrites any partitions and formatting on the card.

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Thank you for info. Im following your instructions. Which option would I choose?

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of that list, there’s an option called “Use custom”. Select that and then pick the .xz file you downloaded from the TM website.


Last one, Use Custom

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