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I am running Tournament Manager on macOS and have a raspberry pi set up for a display. When I go to add the remote display, I get this error.
But if I type the same IP address in my web browser, I am able to see the display configuration options. Using a Windows computer on the same network has no problems. Another issue I am having is if I have a TM server running on Windows, I can’t connect to it with a mac. but if I have a TM server running on mac, I can connect to it with Windows. Also, if I have a server running on a mac and try to configure a remote display, it has the problem that I described above. But if I connect to the TM server running on the mac with a windows machine and use it to configure the remote display, it works just fine.

Also, the raspberry pi will only reboot if you click the “Update Display Software” button. But it will update the name under the IP address.

I sometimes have the same problem on Windows, but I just use the web interface when that happens.

The web interface always works.

For me I can only get the web interface to change the display name, but it still won’t reboot so it is stuck on the IP address screen.

You may want to try manually reflashing the SD card for your Pi. It’s possible the data on the SD card somehow got corrupted or something.

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Just tried refreshing and it didn’t change anything. Still only changes display name and will only reboot if you press “Update Display Software”.

Not refreshing. Reflashing, as if you just bought the Pi.

See “Installing Tournament Manager On the SD Card” here:

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Thats what I did, I meant to type reflash. I redownloaded the zipped image and flashed it with etcher.

Any suggestions on why Windows can’t connect to TM running on a Mac?

I have this same issue with Macs unable to connect to TM running on a windows server. I found I can connect from the Win server to the same Mac but only that direction. PCs seem to have no trouble connecting to the Win server. Anyone found a solution yet?

OK, there’s at least 4 different issues here with different answers:

macOS unable to configure/update Raspberry Pis

The method TM used to get the selected row in the Raspberry Pi list didn’t work on macOS even though it should according to the documentation. An alternate way has been implemented, so this will be resolved in the next TM release which should happen very soon.

macOS can’t connect to another TM server when manually typing in the IP address

When you manually type in the server IP address (versus picking it from the Discovered Servers list), there is a macOS bug that crops up that prevents the IP address from working and causes the error seen in the first post. We believe this was introduced at some point with an OS update. We’ve implemented a workaround so this will be resolved in the next TM release also.

Raspberry Pi won’t “reboot”, stuck on IP screen

The Raspberry Pi does not actually reboot when you configure it, but it does restart Tournament Manager running on the Pi. If you’re seeing the name change, then the settings have been applied. If the Pi stays on the IP screen at that point, it means the Pi cannot connect to your tournament server for some reason. Make sure your computer and Pi are on the same subnet and make sure you don’t have any firewalls, virus scanners, etc. running.

Windows can’t connect to TM running on a Mac

We do not see this issue and aren’t able to reproduce it. Most likely explanation is a firewall issue, especially if the Mac is managed by an IT department such as at a school. We’ve tested this on a Macbook Pro running 10.14.6 and a Mac Mini running 10.10. Possibly the same cause as the Raspberry Pi not connecting above.

Note: In the future, please post in the Tournament Manager section of the forum. That’s the only place we regularly monitor for questions.

Is that section publicly accessible? I’m unable to find it in when searching the list of categories.

I looked for the tournament manager section when I created this post and couldn’t find it.

I don’t have an issue connecting Windows to TM on a Mac, its the other way around.

It’s restricted to EPs - you need to request access from your RECF RSM (as I understand it anyway). FYI, this is documented in the Tournament Manager User Guide.

Your earlier post said you did:

My bad, I must have mistyped it. I have issue connecting macOS to windows

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