Raspberry Pi Tournament Manager

I followed this video’s instructions: VEX Tournament Manager - Raspberry Pi Setup - YouTube

After the rainbow screen, it should show the vex image and then the IP address; it does not. It goes black. Any help is appreciated.

Hmmm… I use a ton of them and very often and have never experienced this (30+ pis for 30+ events a year). Sometimes it takes a minute for it to load, depending on where they are in my setup and whether they are powered conventionally or POE, but they always come up.


Do you have a spare pi? We’ve had the graphics of a pi go bad during a tournament, so we always have a couple spares set up ready to swap out.


Swapped it out with another pi. Same result.

Hmm…try swapping the monitor.

Super weird since you get the rainbow screen. Even if you were having network issues you’d get a dummy IP screen.

Tried that. Different hdmi cords too.

Did you have the same SD card in both Pis? Next thing I would try is to wipe the card and re-image it if you haven’t already.


I have a card from a friend that works. So, the problem is with my SD card. What process should I go through to prep it to accept the TM software?

When you use a product like WinImage to format the card, it shouldn’t require any preparation and simply overwrite the contents on the card. (Assuming you are using a Windows PC)

Edit: The DWAB Technology video recommends Wind32DiskImager instead of WinImage to format the card.

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I always use Balena Etcher balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives and don’t have any issues.

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