Raspberry Pi

I’ve been meaning to post a link to this web site. These guys are developing a small embedded system running linux that will sell for $35, it looks really cool. There are some photos here.

While not directly related to robotics, it may be of interest to the programmers and hobbyists on the forum, it has some GPIO and serious graphics performance, the full spec is here.

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I have been following Raspberry Pi for the last 6-9 months…

This is not as “Bullet Proof” as the Vex Pro, but for the cost, you could “loose a few”…

Here is a nice Step-by-Step Tutorial for getting started…
Raspberry Pi Video Tutorials.

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So the Ras-Pi was released today in the UK, they are being sold through RS and Farnel but due to the incredible demand both sites were down due to traffic at launch. As it was late in Los Angeles (6am UK, 10pm LA), I could not get one on pre-order and the first batch has sold out :frowning:

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WOW!!! I guess there is a lot of Interest in this Product… I personally want a couple…

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Raspberry Pi is getting some notice in the Media, like at TechRepublic:

The first 10,000 low-cost Linux boards are expected to sell out almost
immediately, with the device to become continously available from about

Also, this out from Electronic Design:

DIY Electronics Kits Turn Hobbyists Into Engineers

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This article mentions sparkfun, a great web site for electronic hobbyists with some useful tutorials on basic electronics

They sell arduino boards amongst many other things. The developers at CMU are porting ROBOTC to the arduino platform, you can see many references to this when looking through the ROBOTC headers, hopefully it will be released sometime this year.

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I have been reading Magazines like EE Times, EDN and Electronic Design for all most 10 years now, and it is noticeable when Professional Publications for Engineers, mention Companies like Sparkfun catering to Hobbyist… And what it can mean for STEM Occupations…

Also, I will drop in a Plug for Embedded Systems Design from EE Times…
Get the Magazine, in PDF form for Mar-2012. A lot of what you read in there, can be applied to what you do here…

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More in the Media, about the Raspberry Pi…

From EBN :
Distributors Sell Out of Raspberry Pi in Hours.

Pre-Orders at:

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Good news, had an email from Newark allowing me to order my Ras-Pi :slight_smile: I guess that is because Newark is the US version of Farnell and I have an account with Newark.

Bad news, will not ship until April 3 :frowning:

Edit: They gave a revised ship date this morning of May 18, oh well, summer project.

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I just got my Notice from Newark @ 10:30 PST ( UTC -8 ) and I just put in my Initial Order… It appears that the Shipping and Handling are “free”, so $35.00 ( USD )… Also, my ship date is Expected to be 03-APR-2012… I wonder how long until I get a Revised Ship Date…

What’s the most you could game with this? Crysis 2 lol.

AFAIK, we’ve been embedding linux kernels into microcontrollers of all kinds for some time now - this seems to be the first with a presentable user-interface though.

Happy Pi Day everyone! (3/14) Be sure to eat some. (A bit off-topic, I know, but the thread had the right name)

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No problem, I’m quite aware of it today as my Son hears from MIT at Tau time about college acceptance/rejection.

Edit: Didn’t make it but he’s already into some other good schools, Oh well.

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Just wondering, are any of you in the robotC for arduino alpha program?

No, but I could ask for access. Is CAMS?

This is one of the First, with DVI Output and Programmable, for less than $50.00 that I have seen. Very Cool, and a lot of possibilities…

But, can you game with it?

I don’t think that Angry Birds would “fly” ( pun intended… :wink: ), but there is way more than enough speed for “Hunt the Wumpus.”

I would think that any sort of Game-Boy level games would work fine, except the 3D Version…

I would imagine this having more office\work\general use applications opposed to gaming - and hey - anything with a decent C++ compiler is open game for me - as long as it supports the standard C++ libaries we find on other platforms ofcourse. It would be cool if they made a laptop version of this (not sure what the overhead on that would be, but I can imagine it being much cheaper than other computers on the market.)