Ratchet Intake Example

I made it in CAD and animated it so it should be easy to understand.

Animation Pt1
Animation Pt2

This would be helpful for intakes and making autonomous more consistent
Which this reveal shows this being used-2775J Reveal

When it’s spinning the whole assembly I had some problems animating it so some things spin that should spin

Made videos public so you can actually watch them

Here are CAD files from request of Connor
CAD files


Offense taken…

Also you’re gonna have to set those videos to public or unlisted if you want us to be able to see them.


It was super dark and you design was kinda jank other than that it was a good video which had good ideas and examples

you’re gonna have to set those videos to public or unlisted if you want us to be able to see them.

Sorry I’ll try and fix that

nothing wrong with making your own tutorials to help the community, but you don’t need to attack someone else’s tutorial just to justify making your own.


Welp it won’t let me make them public so I don’t know what to do

did you use music? some songs will cause your videos to not be allowed public at all.

I didn’t add music it’s just video and I’ve never made a video so I’m confused. I thought it would work since it gave me a shareable code

You need to set the video to public from your Youtube studio page.


urs may have better lighting

but the audio is killing my eardrums


Don’t know how to turn off mic so you can get my loud fan mixed with a bad mic. It helps with viewer retention rate :slight_smile:

Is this the ratchet video by Taran that you’re referencing? https://youtu.be/BGwof7dY9sw

  1. Computer brightness exists. If something is hard to see many times you can turn up the brightness or go into a darker area. From the video, I am able to see everything even with sun glare but thats just from my perspective.
  2. The CAD model and the outlines look less understandable within the CAD youtube video you put as compared to Tarans (not trying to throw shade). It may be better to provide a 3D model

@9935E Good effort with the animation, but in the future, there are some things I think you could try to make them better.

  1. Don’t screen record, render. I’m not sure what Fusion 360 does, but in Inventor at least there is an option to render animations.
    Seeing the fusion toolbars and everything decreases how nice the video looks.

  2. Don’t use modeling software to animate.
    Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s almost always better to do your modeling with CAD software and animating with animation software such as Blender or whatever Autodesk’s equivalent is.

  3. Don’t criticize someone else’s video when posting your own. It’s unprofessional and uncool.


Ah man, once you find out about reaction videos online you’ll freak out. Regardless, I believe you were meaning to say “I am only one man” :wink:


You just criticized someones video while telling them not to XD


You’re missing an important qualifier.

Made a more finalized version
Screenshot (110)

Also sorry @Sylvie about that I’ll make sure not to do that again.

Edit: Please don’t actually use this it won’t work the roller would be spinning the wrong way.

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if you really want to make helpful guides, I have to say video format is best, especially for understanding mechanical principles like ratchets. CAD models just don’t convey the mechanisms as well as video. Taran’s video showed how ratchets work, and then clearly demonstrated them in operation on the intakes. CAD, even animated CAD, isn’t as good at this. Just a tip if you really want to go all in on making helpful material, video is usually the way to go when you have moving mechanisms.


If you need a better view of the mechanism, I recreated your thing but I just didn’t want to animate it working, so here you go: https://youtu.be/uf1Ht8ZJhgE