Ratchet on high strength axles

Hi I would like to know if anyone has tried to make a high strength ratchet. My team currently has the normal one but our gearbox is 25:1 with no space for fitting the ratchet without hitting the spacers[edit] [on the gearbox. Can I drill the ratchet and add it to the high strength or are there better ways of doing this. ]How would i go about trying to solve this? Thanks.

Drill it out, the ratchet doesn’t have to turn on the axle, it simply needs to keep something else from spinning the wrong way!

you might need to reinforce the ratchet with a high-strength lock bar or two, to help keep it from breaking under the increased torque, especially when V5 motors start being used. https://www.robosource.net/37-high-strength-lock-bars-1x1-angle

If you plan on using the high strength shaft only for the wheel of the flywheel then you can add the ratchet gear to the gears below the flywheel and it will work the same way. (There are lots of VEX NBN videos showing different ways for using the ratchet gear)

@kmmohn I think we are going to try this thanks a lot

@dsibal We don’t really have any space in our gearbox since we made it as compact as possible for other mechanisms. Also the ratchet doesn’t fit on the 60t(we have a 25:1 ratio) gears properly. Nevertheless we will try to do something in the gearbox as that would be more robust. Thanks!