Ratcheted Linear Puncher

Hi guys. I have seen many robots that have ratcheted linear punchers and I want to know what purpose it has and how my team could go about adding one to our robot. Thanks in advance

The purpose of a ratchet is to allow for a quick drawback time before shooting. As in, once you’re lived up, it only takes a split second to shoot as opposed to winding up first.
This helps against defense. It’s harder for them to knock if your shot if the ball is gone by the time they get to you.
You would draw back the puncher to the point just before firing, and the ratchet would hold it there.

As far as implementation, there are several ways to do it. I’ve seen the most effective as attatching the ratchet(s) to your slipgear shaft. I’ve seen the Vex ratchets being used, as well as a “custom” ratchet using an axle, rubber bands, and sprocket.
I personally have a custom ratchet, probably the most compact I’ve seen. Unfortunately, it’s pretty encased in my robot. And I don’t have any good pictures of it. The best ones I have aren’t very helpful. @Xenon27 has a more exposed ratchet he might be willing to share on his 2BC. He uses the Vex ratchet.

Edit: I found a kinda good picture that had my design from awhile ago before I encased it more with better structure and a better way to hold more rubber bands. This is just kinda the idea. I might be able to get a good picture of the updated system next week, if the robot is still together.

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Our team uses our ratchet so in autonomous we can shoot instantly without wasting time to maximize scoring. We use the ratchet that comes with the whinch and pulley kit. You can see how to use it on 574c’s reveal.

the purpose is to mechanically force a shaft to only turn in one direction, and that prevents the rubber bands on a ratchet or a catapult pulling it back when you’re not applying motor power.