Ratings in VEX Code

I just noticed one of my code samples in VEX Code was rated 3 stars, but the only rating I could see in the comment section was 5 stars. Turns out it was because I had replied to a comment but didn’t rate myself as 5 stars so it assumed my rating was 1 star (I guess) which brought the average down to 3.

I tried clearing my rating with no effect, but if I set my rating to a 5 it now shows 5 stars for the average rating. I feel kind of tacky rating my own code 5 stars, but I don’t want to drag the rating down just by replying to comments/questions.

It seems like ratings from the author should be ignored. Obviously this is a minor thing, but worth adding to the list of things to sort out eventually.


  • Dean

Ah, now I see why you posted a Comment/Rating with “No Comment” on my Vex On-Line Controller Code v2.x (Available Source Version 0.81 Beta) code. Thanks for the 5 Star Ratting!!! :wink: