Ratio of a torque motor compared to a regular motor?

How does the torque ratio of a torque motor compare to a regular motor?
Online we found that it is 36 to 1, but what would a regular motor be?

A green motor is 18:1. A blue motor is 6:1. Torque also responds inversely to speed. Since the power out put is the same. 100 rpm will have twice the torque as 200 rpm.


For V5, there are 3 cartridges:
Red- 100 rpm (torque)
Green- 200 rpm (a good mix between speed and torque)
Blue- 600 rpm (speed)

What @9MotorGang posted are the gear ratios of the cartridges’ planetary gear sets. The cartridges utilize planetary gear systems to speed down the motors from their original speeds to more applicable speeds.


Thanks, this helps. 20 char

It’s worth noting that this information is provided on the V5 motor product page.

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I couldn’t find that site. Thanks for the link

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