Rationale for more Judged Awards for LRS vs. LRT at Worlds?

Anyone know why there will be more awards given in LRS vs LRT at Worlds? There are 5 awards for LRT and 11 for LRS. I’m trying to understand the reasoning behind that decision. I would think that both competitions would warrant similar awards and that in particular Energy and Sportmanship would lend itself even better to LRT. Let me know what I’m missing.


Yup. I asked a similar question earlier. Also, to not be completely misunderstood, let’s clarify: Not saying why LRS has extra awards. Not at all. Saying why LRT does not have the same awards? In my opinion, it creates a bad image and a weird feeling of being let down choosing LRT. I remember last yea… oh wait! It was 2 years ago when Worlds were in Kentucky? I remember how exciting it was to run from division to division and watch teams get all those wonderful awards. Yes, we do this to learn and not for the awards, I get it, but it’s so much fun to be rewarded for hard work and Worlds was a wonderful place to feel appreciated, I don’t think I’ve ever seen or experienced that anywhere else. I get that VEX charges an arm and a leg for the metal plates but still. Just give away the awards without the metal (our team did not get one piece of metal this year although awards were won - but we still have fun competing). So yeah, not sure about the rationale either, would love to hear it as well…


The REC Foundation announced at our Town Hall in February and included in every follow up communication that the 2021 VEX Robotics World Championship would have two options: LRS and LRT.

The LRT format included at least 7 head to head matches and the elimination format. Additionally, all teams were invited to submit their notebook to qualify for Excellence, Design and Innovate awards. All the engineering notebooks have been reviewed and the teams judged to have the top notebooks will be contacted for their interview.

The LRS format included the three driver skills and three programming skills run. Also, every LRS team was guaranteed an interview with judges, hence we can offer more awards.

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Thanks for your response @DanMantz. Yes, you and your team did a good job communicating all of the options early on. I am curious the rationale behind why it was decided that LRS was guaranteed an interview and not LRT (hence LRS would receive more awards). Certainly makes sense that if every team in LRS gets an interview there would be more opportunity for awards but I’m still not clear on why LRS got guaranteed interviews and not LRT. Perhaps it is because you couldn’t guarantee an interview for all teams due to logistics/staffing/time and you had to pick one or the other…But you have more important things to do today like run an outstanding global virtual robotics competition! I appreciate your time and please know this was not a complaint, just a question. I greatly admire what you and your team have put together and grateful for the opportunity for our team to compete.


I don’t work for RECF, but as I’m sure they are very busy today, here is my best guess at the answer to your question.
As one of the many volunteers that has been helping to do interviews for the LRS teams over the past several weeks, I can tell you that the amount of work and organization that went into the guarantee that all LRS teams would get an interview was incredible. Recruiting and scheduling volunteers, and setting up and facilitating interviews for teams in many time zones all over the world so that every LRS team could have a chance to interview in front of a panel of judges is an incredible accomplishment. I just don’t think it would have been possible time and manpower-wise to offer the same promise to both divisions.
Additionally, both formats had the same entry fee. For LRS teams were paying for a maximum of 6 total skills runs and a guaranteed interview. For LRT teams are paying for the much more time-consuming remote matches (which also require more staffing), and the possibility of an interview. I am guessing that the decision may have had something to do with offering both groups an equivalent “Worlds experience”.


Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it. Agreed, an incredible accomplishment. And thanks for volunteering!

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@cougarbots explanation is spot on: the effort to interview and judge every LRS team is incredible.

The reason we include judging for all LRS teams is because we felt that 6 Skills runs plus guaranteed interview / more awards is roughly equivalent to 8 LRT (1 practice and 7 qualifying) matches plus elimination brackets




@DanMantz It makes more sense to me now. Thanks so much. Now back to Worlds! First practice match coming up in 5 minutes. :grinning:


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