Raven robotics post worlds highlight video

Hi everyone,
some of you may have seen our pre worlds highlight video on our vimeo page (or shared by recf) a few months ago but afte editing over 10 hours of video from the 4 days at worlds (the girls on our team seem to video tape every breathing moment and i guess it paid off), we have created a 7 minute highlight video showing our amazing time at worlds. hope you enjoy!
NOTE: due to an automated arrangement made between the owner of the copyrighted songs in the video, and youtube, the song owner has chosen to make our video unavailable on mobile devices. sorry!

NEW VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/98285383
main page: https://vimeo.com/ravenrobotics

Wow great video. This is the second video of yours that I thought was amazing. Keep up the great work!

On another note, if you do another season video then you should definitely do the progression of the robots like in the beginning of your VEX Team 2560, 2560E and 2560N video.

Thanks! yes next year, we hope to do this for all 3 bots. we would start with one bot on the left third of the screen then when some part of the song intensifies, a middle third will start doing another robots progressions and then another intensifying point and the third bots progression will appear on the right third, and all 3 will be showing their progression at once. its just an idea but we’ve considered it.

That’s a great video! Awesome job on clothes pins on Karthik!

Thanks! we always have fun with karthik :smiley: we compete out of Ontario so we are often lucky enough to have him attend all of our regional and local events :smiley:

During the programming skills run (which starts at about 5:12) there seems to be at least one point where you handle the robot while it’s in contact with the bump (from 5:32, as the robot leaves the bump and enters the hanging zone).

Were you warned for this? Personally I feel like a DQ would have been justified, but it would be nice to know that the ref at least noticed the infraction. Did he?

Hello, yes. After review of the video (after returning home) we realized that we had in fact, broken this rule. from the ref’s expression and glance over at the scorers table, i believe he may have noticed and chosen to let it slide this one time. Our programmer was however given a DQ for this same offense later in the event, on a run that would have actually won worlds with a score of 82. she let the run finish before telling us which was rather dissapointing since we knew at the time we had won until she came and told us… Our programmer was new at worlds and worlds was his first time doing any official runs (it had been myself prior, who knew the rules like the back of my hand) so this mistake was quite accidental. It was a dissapointment for the team to lose what we had worked so hard for but these things happen. We will simply need to be more careful next time.

And yes, to be completely honest, I would have DQ’d myself if i were the official.

Do you by any chance have video of this 82-point run? If you don’t have video from the competition, do you have video from practice? From analysing the video it looks like an ideal run using that program would score 69 points, so it seems like you would have had to use a different program.

Ill have to look. It is currently exam week at my school so I am not sure who will be at school on what days. I will try to find one of the video makers and see what I can find. I can confirm that there will not be a video of an official run as the girls were at their own match while my bot (2560E) did the run however I may be able to snag a video of a run in practice. not sure if it will be 82. I heard from someone on the team that there was a video of a 74 or 75 point run however ive never seen it myself to confirm. If i do find one, its all yours.

Yes and no. We did use a different program however the max was over 69 for this run. It missed one big ball (wouldve been 64) and there were 3 buckys on the ground that couldve been knocked into the goal zone for 70. I dont recall if that large ball that accidentally crossed the bump was also supposed to go into the goal zone.

This skills run is what we referred to as our “safety net”. it was a “throwaway run” that had a rather low risk level for failure. Most of the run was based on interaction (except for the last big ball portions) so it was fairly easy to make consistant… or at least if it failed, it scored a fair amount of points before stopping.

We did this so we could get a score posted early, that way, even if all our risky big point runs failed, we would have a decent score.

The other run was much more complex and included the stashing of 6 buckys and 2 large balls, and the rest is the same as it looks now.

so its:

stashed bucky x 6 = 30
stashed large ball x2 = 20 (50)
goal zone bucky x8 (2 mid zone preloads and bump buckys hopefully) =16 (66)
goal zone large ball x5 (leaves one behind) = 25 (up to 91!!!)


Good on you guys! Hope to see you next year :wink:

Same to you! I certainly hope so… going to be hard to run roboprom from Canada :wink: