Razorbill vs TopLock

From what I see, the Razorbill and the TopLock (robot with a top finger that swings down and locks a double stack) seem to be the best two bots of the early season.

Which one will emerge as the design of the season or will something else come out on top?

What do you see as the advantages of each design?


In my opinion, Razorbill is better, mainly because I have tried both, and have been able to score more more points with Razorbill than I have been able to with TopLock. I also did consistency tests with each of them, and did ten matches in a row. Razorbill scored 204 or higher in nine of the ten (in the tenth I scored 178). With TopLock I don’t remember the exact stats, but I do remember that they were inferior to Razorbill’s.

I am not putting down TopLock, but just saying that in my experience, Razorbill is better. I think that TopLock is an awesome robot, and totally worthy of a high status, considering it assisted in scoring 306 points in teamwork at an official event, something Razorbill has not yet done. I have however, proved that Razorbill could do it.

I still have TopLock and Razorbill built, so I can still make videos about each of them. Also, my results and opinion may be biased due to the fact that I invented Razorbill, and that I have spent more time practicing with Razorbill (although at the time when I had the same amount of practice with each, Razorbill was scoring more points).

I look forward to hearing about other people’s thoughts, and am excited to see if a better design will come out, which I think has a good chance of happening.


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