RC control broken with mastercode 10

I recently bought easyC after using the trial for a while. The trial worked fine, so I bought it. When it was recently updated (to version the mastercode also was updated to version 10. However, now RC control doesn’t work. I tried downgrading to a previous mastercode version, and it works fine, but I can’t get mastercode 10 to work with the transmitter. I tried the transmitter test, but it didn’t work in mastercode 10, but it worked in mastercode 8. Everything else works in mastercode 10 except for the RC control. Please help. Our team has a competition soon, and we need our robot to be working.


Thanks for the help. I’m looking forward to the fix :slight_smile:

Also, why does the mastercode version number skip from v8 to v10?

We have now posted a new version of easyC that fixes your issue.