RC controlled car from VEX IQ parts?

While searching this forum for building RC controlled car, I found this thread at MaxCar - VEX IQ General Discussion / VEX IQ Robot Showcase - VEX Forum How is the steering system built?

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Watching the disassembly video in the same thread may help, it seems to use a steering system like in a standard car, with some differentials.


I tried to watch the video but it’s hard for me to see how the steering system is built.

I found building instructions for a racing car shown at VEX Robotics Build Blitz - Race Car Instructions | HEXBUG but I think that Vex IQ sets don’t have the steering parts that I need such as steering rack and steering links

There is a really good part in the video around 2:00 that shows it very clearly. This is a cool way to do steering using standard IQ parts. Because there is no suspension on this car, there are no ball joints needed like there is on the VEX Off-Road Truck.

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I tried to search the Internet for building instructions to build vehicles but there are a few building instructions compared to Lego Technic building sets.

Vex isn’t nearly as good at lego but many users have made tutorials on YouTube, the vex forum, and Reddit. I’d recommend looking there.

Does the man in the video have building instructions for the car shown in the video? Are the plastic parts made for Vex V5 compatible with Vex IQ?

The person in the video isn’t a vex representative.
For one off things like this, what you see usually ends up being what you get. You can dm them if you have the privilege yet. Otherwise, you may be out of luck. Anything that would be for v5 and compatible iq is marked that way in the website, or they already have their own versions for iq.

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By the parts for V5, I think he means the differentials, these:
Screenshot 2021-03-17 125701
There are IQ versions, they can be found here:


Yes, people like @Valeria93 were pretty prolific in their “non competition” builds. The new HEXBug robots have helped with adding new decorative parts.

Check out the Off Road Truck instructions on how to build a steerable front end.



Sigh, there is more you can do with VEXIQ parts than just the annual competition. I think @jeffmorris1956 was lamenting that Lego has a big lead on design books, idea guides, etc. I have about a dozen different Lego books that I look to on ideas for new Mechanisms that can be built that I translate into VEXIQ or EDR designs.

Less snark and more help to the new roboteers?


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