RC programming

hey guys
sadly my school team which consists of me and well me is still going to have to run crystals for this season. My question is in response (kinda) to another thread that was already posted.
i know that to do driver skills you can just plug in the jumper to skip auto.
For the programming skills challenge the response in the other thread said to set you auto to 60 seconds. the issue i see is that you need to have a 20 sec auto run for the normal challenge. do you see my confusion? what am i supposed to do about this? I do not want my 20 sec auto run to be anything like my 60 sec run so it is not a matter of just only using the first 20 seconds when i am in a standard match.


Finally on a comp. team… even if it is only me :wink:

Now this is just an educated guess, but couldn’t you put in a jumper and then depending on where the jumper is, the code runs either the 60 sec. autonomous or the 20 sec. autonomous?

That’s my best guess besides putting in new code before you run on the programming skills vs. an actual match.

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that was my original idea and i have done that before with other bots but i am now using the RC control comp. template. the template asks you how long to make your auto period and how long to make teleop. i set auto to 20 as the instructions said to do so i guess what i need is a way to add one more autonomous period to the template. any other ideas?

Another way to change the autonomous timing, :D, could be to use a bump sensor. If you want to run a 60 sec autonomous, wrap a rubber band around your sensor, and if you want a 20 second autonomous, don’t wrap one. of course you’ll have to code to recognize when the bump sensor is being triggered and set its respective values to 20 and 60 seconds.

The same thing could be achieved from a potentiometer.

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I just possibly figured something out. like i said before about being able to add another autonomous section into the template i may have discovered a way. check out the video at the bottom of this page http://www.intelitekdownloads.com/Competitions/ if you skip to about 18:45 then you see he adds another section to the template. this may be my best bet and i could code so that it runs with a jumper in port X.

maybe i could make a template that has a programming skills section and a standard match section and i could just skip the auto section of a standard match to do robot skills. i think that would work nicely

this brings up one more question. During the robot skills and programming skills is the bot disabled because your code needs to tell it to stop or are you disabled by the field? for instance if you right an 80 second auto code for programming skills will it run until it is over or will the field volunteers manually disable the bot after 60 seconds?

The field controller will stop your robot.

sweet after thinking about it a little bit i don’t actually NEED for the field to disable it but it is good to have that in your pocket.

If you are using crystals the best bet it to make a long auto and just change the time for auto in the template. In the new version can change the auto time by just changing the setting Options->Competition Setup. Then redowmload that is it. You don’t even have to touch your code.

yeah i knew that that was an option but for one i don’t want to have to re download code at all. plus i want to toggle between 5 auto runs. one for programming skills and two different auto runs for standard matched that i can run from the left or right side of the field. after watching the video that i posted above i am confident that i can make this thing work the way i want it too using a bunch (4) bumper switches. to toggle between the different match types as well as the different auto runs for standard matches and which side the robot is on.