RD4B not lifting completely

I don’t understand what is wrong with my team’s lift. The motors seem not to give enough power to lift the lift all the way up even when set to max power. I have tried all of the following solutions and none have solved it:

  1. replacing all the axles in case one was bent
  2. check and replaced very motor’s internal gearing to torque
  3. put half the lift on a power expander to allow for better power distribution
  4. made sure every axle was in the motor completely

If anyone has any idea what the problem is or could be please let me know. I will be uploading pics shortly

Yeah I think It would help a lot if you sent pics.

do you have a full battery?

LOL it just magically started working after i rewired it, i guess one of our encoders was messed up or the wiring was faulty

Also make sure rubber bands have tension near the top of the lift too. Otherwise you are depending completely on motor power up there.

Not quite. The whole lift is geared and moves together. However, I would recommend having rubber bands on the top four-bar because that reduces strain on the metal that composes the lower four-bar.

I think what @Team80_Giraffes is saying is to make sure that the rubber bands still have tension as the lift nears the top of its height, when the lift is expanded fully. Otherwise, for the last few rotations, the rubber bands are not helping the lift at all.

Ah! I thought he meant that the rubber bands need to be mounted physically at the top. Yes, I agree with his statement entirely, then.