RD4B Size

So wondering what size of metal should I use for a RD4B lift I have a photo down so you could tell me easier. Also, my lift a internal stacker. So it would need to be placed inside if that helps. Don’t have a lot of metal so if I know the size will be buying it to build it.Thanks in advance for help

Probably 8 35 dot Cchannels you could use some of the rail chassis at least 5:1 ratio but you might want 7:1 if so you would need to buy 4 of the 72 tooth gears Plus a couple of small gears and motors

I have motors and gears just wondering the size for the gray and blue in the attachment. And what you are saying 35 C channel but would need to cut some l?

If you have the 17.5 inches c channel *8 it should give you plenty of height. And no you won’t need to cut the metal.

Ok make sense, but what should be the distance between the two bars?

There is no definite answer to that. You will have to figure it our on your own depending on how much space you have dedicated to you lift, and also how high you want it to reach.

Trial and error ok. Would it be a wise choice to just buy c channels that 35 and cut if needed

Yes. Always buy 35 hole C channels, even if you don’t need the extra length.

Personally, we are using 8, 1x2x1x35 C-channels spaced about seven holes apart. Also for the blue region, I would use 1x2x1x25’s cut from 35 hole C-channels. 35 hole C-channels provide plenty of height so you should be fine with buying those. Please tell me that you’re using aluminum.

Well thanks for providing that info, will definitely be using aluminum for that. Would you be able to provide a pic? I’m curious to see how it looks