RD4B stabilization

Hello, I made a reverse double 4 bar and im wondering if anyone has any ideas if using a potentiometer would work to help stabilize a RD4B. I have put a bunch of braces on it, but it still leans and if anyone can help that would be great. if I used a potentiometer how could I apply it with coding.

Potentiometer could help if one side of lift is slower than the other. I’m confused on what you need to stabilize.

I have seen this a couple of times this year as the double reverse lifts are most popular this year.

Gotta love those high strength shafts! Running those across the two lift sides helps sync the lift.

The other area to look at is the front tower strength and how much it allows twist. This is additive over the lift. A little bit off here leads to big problems up top.

The last bit is we’ve seen the bottom rails should be steel to minimize twist. Aluminum is too easily twisted.