RE: Adapter for robot

I just thought of something. The computer usb port outputs 9v max! you could use that to power the robot durring programming! Taking marko’s, or somebody’s Idea of a hanger to suspend the robot so it doesn’t kill itself!

USB ports are quite limited in the area of Current avalible, that is why USB Hubs are made that have additional Power Supplies. I don’t think the Vex Controller will run with the little amount of Current the USB port will provide.

See Powered USB and USB Hub for more information.

Well, I’m not certain, but you might be right!

USB port puts out 5V at a maximum of 500mA per port. However, a USB device conncted to the USB port must request the current. Otherwise it is limited to 50mA or 100mA depending on the USB system. Drawing too much current will cause the USB hub to shut the port down and not allow the device to draw any power. A single motor will draw more than the allowable power but it might be possible to provide enough power or the device for programming so long as there are no motors connected. I would not recommend it, however. Better to pull 12V from the power supply and regulate it to 8V with a 7808 regulator to power the VEX controller.



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i have experimented with the computer’s USB hubs, the current that they put out is not enough, if you hook your vex to it, you will overload your computer and it will shut down, this will also happen if you touch the 2 power wires to cause a short. this should not damage anything in or attached to your computer, but i wouldn’t reccomend it!

if you want to hook your vex up to something other than your power pack, get a wall adapter from a radioshack. 200-700ma or two hundred to seven hundred milliamps will provide sufficent power, watch your polarities!!