Re: Autonomous code not working

Unofficial response to @Sarah B regarding this thread.
That error message means that you’re missing semicolons at the end of your motor commands.
This should fix the autonomous portion of your code.
Also, while loops require curly brackets around the code that you want to repeat, otherwise it will only repeat the first command after the while. Judging by what your code should do, I don’t think that you need a while loop in your autonomous.

task autonomous()
//drive forward to goal and then use conveyor belt to release 4 balls
//drive forward

motor[leftDrive1] = 127;
motor[leftDrive2] = 127;
motor[rightDrive1] = 127;
motor[rightDrive2] = 127;
motor[leftDrive1] = 0;
motor[leftDrive2] = 0;
motor[rightDrive1] = 0;
motor[rightDrive2] = 0;

//release balls in conveyor belt
motor[port7] = 127;
motor[port7] = 0;