Re: Counts per revolution for the IEM

From thread, Counts per revolution for the IEM.

Just as a vBulletin Procedural Note, you can usually send another Forum Member a Private Message, and sometime an email. If they have allowed those options in their User Profile.

How can you quickly find out??

Place the Mouse Cursor over the User Information of their Post, and ( left ) click.

For instance Android4life’s Options:

and Jesse323Z’sOptions:

and jpearman’sOptions:

You can then click on one of the Items in the Menu, Like “Send a private message to jpearman” or “Send email to Jesse323Z”.

Also, vBulletin won’t show you someones email, like Jesse323Z’s, but vBulletin lets you type in a Message, that is then emailed to Jesse323Z’s email address, and he can chose to reply to it, or respond in another way, like by a Private Message…

Also, jpearman… I found your Personal email, in a Document, floating around the 'net… If you want to limit SpamBots locating your email address, I can probably locate where I found it… It has been a while… ( just so you know… )

Also… The Embedded, “Originally Posted by Xxxxxxx” is another Posting Trick