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For our referees this weekend, we’ve created a quick reference based on the gameplay questions and responses in the Q&A. It’s far from perfect and not quite an FAQ with “rules in more detail”, but we wanted a one-sheeter (back and front) that they could easily refer to if necessary as searching through the Q&A during an event could significantly slow things down.
QnA 20111129.pdf (140 KB)

Thanks for the quick guide on the rules. 254 is really pumped up for Pan Pacific we know it’ll be a great tournament! To better prepare my team for the tournament, I put together a collection of all the forum post which I felt helped clarify topics not explicitly covered in the rules. I hope the table of contents will help with easy navigation.

The Q&A summary goes all the way back to page thirteen of the official FAQ. If you feel i’ve missed something important please PM me so i can add it :slight_smile:
VEX Q&A summary.pdf (1.32 MB)

Great guide. This is a nice reference sheet. I do have a couple points to bring to attention though.


It is not legal to lift up a scoring object that is earning a bonus point and insert another scoring object under it.


This makes it sound like the robots can be DQed for pinning, but the referees shouldn’t count down. It would be nice to make this a little clearer.


Rule SG2 says:

You may want to specify that the preload must touch the robot or legal preload

Thanks so much! I was actually hoping there would be some fixes brought to light before the tournament… :smiley:

Yeah this is pretty sweet. I’ll keep a soft copy of it at the scoring table.

We look forward to your arrival! As well as teams from China and Taiwan. See you soon!

especially the corner of the field clarification

Yup, those are included under Pinning:

When your subsequent (and quite good) question is answered, I’ll add that in as well.