RE: Feature Requests & Improvements for ROBOTC

I can’t seem to reply to the previous thread about feature requests/improvements for ROBOTC so I just decided to create a new thread

I have been using ROBOTC for the past year or so and while it is a very good application to use, there are just a few things I feel would make it better

-> The ability to minimize or ‘hide’ code between brackets or parenthesise (similar to Notepad++ or Visual Studio) as when working on a file of functions, it would be nice to close the voids which aren’t being worked on to make it easier to navigate
-> Also the ability to create projects or libraries which can be imported easily so maintaining all the files for a specific project are easily and the ability to create/import libraries of functions to use
-> Finally some documentation on some of the harder aspects in ROBOTC as I have been unable to get the multiple download slots to work and there doesn’t seem to be much documentation on how to (can’t find how to download to different slots, etc)

Other than those ideas I had, the program works pretty well and we haven’t had any problems with it.

Thanks for the post - I’m not sure why the other thread is blocking you.

These are great suggestions. The code collapsing like in Notepad++ is something we’ve long wanted to do, too. :slight_smile:

Regarding the programs in multiple slots - if you switch your Window > Menu Level > to Super User, you’ll find a “File Management” option in the Robot menu. From there you can download different programs and run them when connected over USB or VEXnet. This is a feature that we’re working to bring to the forefront. The hold-up is due to the fact that users need the VEX LCD screen to cycle through which programs to use. We had a beta with the functionality released, and it caused a lot of confusion for users who chose non-default slots and didn’t have the LCD screen.

Edit: Just as an FYI, I created one in the General section of the forum that should let you post to it, should you ever want to:

Sorry - now might just ask a technical question here in relation as I do have the LCD panel & cortex which are helpful and I did have the Super User enabled, however everytime I download a ‘compiled’ file to the cortex which was previously uploaded to it, it still downloads to slot 0 and I cannot change it.

Maybe a define function/pragma config to select the slot

Sorry for the slow reply on my part. That’s a great suggestion, thank you.