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hey vex,
we were trying to put together the squarebot and attach a “trailer” to it. we wanted to make a security bot with a video camera and such, the only problem is, the motor only spins it won’t actually spin the wheels though, it sounds like a gear stripping. Is this possible? we were supposed to have it done for a display tommorow but can’t get anywhere. We took motors apart and still nothing. the one motor had some white crap in the gears. is it possible, that too much friction was put on it from the camera? let me know.
Thanks guys

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do you have any pics of it and also i think the white stuff that you said you saw in the motor gears i think that is the grease for the motor:rolleyes:

you may have to gear it differntley the squarebot is geared 3:5 for speed so you lose torque. you can switch the big gear with small gears and the small gear with big ones (OoO instead of oOo). this would give you more torque, if that really is the problem.