RE: New at VEX

Hello,I’m new at vex…What do you recomend me building after the squarebot?(already built squarebot…And I just have the starter kit)So what do you think?


First of all, you are new to these forums and to VEX…So as a rule of thumb, if you want help from the public (ie. US) post in a non-private area; meaning a forum where anyone can post replies. Second, their are many topics/threads with questions such as yours, THEY ALL HAVE PLENTY OF IDEAS (try doing a search).

Now, to answer your question… Try exploring new gear ratios and frame designs, thats what VEX is all about, INOVATION, try something new, see if an idea will work, no matter how crazy it may be!

Maybe even try and make an arm that can go up, down, and side-to-side…
Explore your mind…lol.