Re: Potentiometer issues (from Official Answers)

Welcome to VEX and the VEX forum! If you post in the General Forum or the Unofficial answers, you may get a faster answer, because more people can post there.
Some questions:

  1. What microcontroller are you using? (PIC, Cortex)
  2. What programming language are you using?
  3. Have you updated to the latest version of your programming software and VEX mastercode?
  4. What ports are you plugging the potentiometers into? (Make sure it’s analog)
  5. Can you post the code you used to test the potentiometers?

I hope we can help you get your issue resolved!

–Simmons 2.0

Actually I think the reason why this is happening is because you have to turn on the cortex itself and not rely on the computer to power your robot. This happens to me before. Then I connected the battery and turned on the cortex and voila lol.