Re: Problem with EasyC -Orig. POsted By Ryan_Henneman

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OK, so here is what I am thinking, you have tried re-installing the software and you still got the same problems. Maybe it is in your settings and compiler. So **after **you UNINSTALL EasyC, then go into C:\program files\Intelitek delete everything in there. Then try reinstalling the software.

I am by no means a “profesional” an am definately not an “expert” so if doing what I ave stated above causes any damages to your computer or EasyC instal; Please do not blame me… It is best to ask a person in the “experts” list if they think that this is a good idea.

Deleting aplication data after you uninstall it shouldn’t mess it up. I will try that. But what I don’t get, it took it 2 or 3 months for the problem to come up again.
s0FaB0y, why did you start a new thread instead of posting in the old one?

Because you posted in the “Ask trhe experts” forum. I cannot reply in those forums. Only MODS/Admin can.

Ohh, sorry! My bad!:o

maybe your com ports are messed up and you need to reset them casue you undid your computer for awhile

Thats not it, I had this problem before, it went away, it came back, it restarts.

maybe it is your harddrive casue you said that you are savin fo a new one and i dont know if there is anything wrong with it but that could be a reason but i am not an expert

Maybie, I dought it though.

:eek: im havin the same problem and the comp is in 5 days

Could it be related to where your EasyC project is located on your Hard Drive??

Try making a directory in the root of your Boot Drive (like c:\test) and copy your EasyC project files to that directory. Then start EasyC and open your Project in the “test” directory. Make sure that it looks correct, and try to compile your project.

You might have a Corrupted Install of EasyC.