So neither ROBOTC nor PROS have something built in. People write a program to achieve this.

So neither ROBOTC nor PROS have something built in. People write a program to achieve this.

The same way you make any other autonomous. Make a control loop for every subsystem of the robot and give it new goal values as it runs. The only difference is the goal values are from a driver run instead of done by hand.

If you program it to do that, sure.

You can search the forum here and find examples that people have posted already.

A good way to record the values of what you are doing as you drive is to use the datalog feature of robotc. to use the datalog in your pragmas at the top you define what values you want to save in the collumns; an example from code I wrote today is

#pragma config(DatalogSeries, 0, “front left motor power”, Motors, MotorPower, port2, 100)
#pragma config(DatalogSeries, 1, “rear left motor power”, Motors, MotorPower, port3, 100)
#pragma config(DatalogSeries, 2, “front right motor power”, Motors, MotorPower, port6, 100)
#pragma config(DatalogSeries, 3, “rear right motor power”, Motors, MotorPower, port7, 100)
#pragma config(DatalogSeries, 4, “claw motor power”, Motors, MotorPower, port9, 100)
#pragma config(DatalogSeries, 5, “battery level”, Properties, immediateBatteryLevel, , 100)
#pragma config(DatalogSeries, 6, “rangefinder vaue?”, Sensors, Sensor, dgtl11, 100)
#pragma config(DatalogSeries, 7, “button value”, Sensors, SensorBool, dgtl10, 100)

then what you do is at the start of your task main put down
datalogBackgroundPollingResume();//starts the polling of values in the datalog as defined in motor and sensor setup
which will start the recording of all of the values defined in your pragmas. to view these files you must connect your controller to your computer using the usb to rj11 programming cable found here Programming Hardware Kit - VEX Robotics you then open the debugger (that window in the middle of your screen after downloading code) and click on start datalog or open datalog. then the datalog should appear at the bottom of your screen where errors are usually shown if you wanted to save these values to write an auton off of you can click the save datalog button in the debugger. i think it saves as a csv file.

if you want to see how I did it for a program I wrote for my teacher assistant hour (this is my teachers first year with vex so I know a little more about the code because I have put in more time than he has) it is attached below.
masterdocument.docx (28.3 KB)
it is not well documented or cleaned up yet but basically it is a master file for a meccanum drive robot with an ultrasonic sensor on the front and a lcd on the back with the lcd allowing you to select between different autons and drive modes in preauton then display battery voltage and IME’s and ultrasonic sensor while driving in a side scrolling menu. if you have any questions I can try to answer them but may forget to check back