Re: sensor watching

I haven’t done it with the ultrasonic but I have done it with the optical encoder. Basically the way I did it with the optical encoder was start it. Then preset it, then get it which sets a variable = to the sensor value, in this case the # of rotations. Then you put in a print statement to print out the variable. You should start the sensor and preset it outside of a while loop but everything else should be inside. Now I haven’t played around with the ultrasonic sensor yet but I would assume it’s the same or similar process. Also FYI the robot has to be connected to the computer in order for you to see the values.

Great idea. I will give it a try.
Vex needs on-board display.

That would be nice but the M/C would become more expensive…

I2C interface

Instead of making the m/c more expensive why not use the serial port to display values while the robot is running? I really like this idea.

You’re talking about displaying them on the computer right? If so that’s what I was talking about in the first post.

I understand what you said and I have used my computer to see the results of the encoders but I was talking about this post below.

Something like this Serial LCD Module (that supports TTL level communication) would connect right up to the Vex Controller. Only $50.00 (USD)!!!

Or here is a Parallax 2x16 Serial LCD for $34.95 (USD)…

This would be pretty difficult to use if the robot was running while you were trying to view the onboard screen. Ideally there would be wireless feedback via the serial port to your computer. That way you can get actual sensor data while it is running. I know several people have posted here and on other sites about using a bluetooth module on the controller. Othewise just use the programming cable and printf statements to get the information you need. (Again not convenient while trying to run the robot).

Just how fast does the robot go?
Seriously, you only need to look at it for short periods like when testing, when you are right with the bot watching it motions.

He probably needs to see it as its moving around to monitor sensor values and get a better program.

I have gotten used to being able to follow the robot around.
LEGO and Paralax can do this easy. An I2C interface would make so much more available.

IIRC the processor(s) in the Vex Controller does have I2C, but I don’t think that there is any support in the Master Code or in the User Code to use it.

Well, when worknig with the IR Range finders(panasonic ones, they rock), I did eventually need to monitor them in “the field”. My goal was to make a very small robot that could manuever through a field with very large boxes.

I called the robot dory, after the finding nemo character because it can only remeber about 10 seconds of data. Anyways, I ended up chasing the robot while carrying my laptop… I set it to keep working with the lid closed, and then basically just walked behind the robot.

My suggestion… lol.

I still wish they’d make some software for this to work on windows mobile or something.

the robot isnt hard to follow b/c it goes a little slow and even if it does you just follow faster which isnt hard