Re vote for december challange

Waza got his pictures in here they r

Here is 1086vex robot

i like waza’s catapult idea.

Why is there a new poll?

ya really???

and if waza can answer theses questions i would greatly appreciate it…

  1. how do you get the paper ball into the catapult?

  2. how does the catapult release the ball?

thats all


There is a new poll because waza got his pictures in

Ok, I understand now. We’re restarting the poll so it’s more fair now that both have their pictures in.

correct than waza has a fair chance

Okay, to answer your questions 1086vex, the robot never does pick up the piece of paper, I set it on there and then wind up the string with the motors. Now for the second question, “How does the catapult release the paper”, I cut the string with a pair of scissors after I wind it up. I had about 5 thick rubber bands connecting the “arm” to the base(it gave some serious power!).

can u get a video?

Ok waza sorry to rain on your parade:( but from the December challenge I’m quoting this,

What I get from that is it has to pick up the paper on it’s own. I’m not going make any judgments I’d leave that up the community in general.

No, because I already tore it apart, if I didn’t I would try though, sorry.:frowning:

That stinks for u because technically ur robot shouldn’t count, but yet technically it does because mister_T let u in.

Ya, I Ihad just realized that after 1086vex asked me the first question.:frowning:

technically waza never submitted becasue he didn’t submit a picture beofre the deadline.

also, with the way the robot was loaded and the launching method it would not comply with rules of this challenge(having to retie the string to shoot again)

i let all these slide for the simple reason that there was only 2 people entered and that this was the first monthly challenge.
i had not intended that a poll be restarted beacuse of pictures, i knew when i created the other one that waza hadn’t sent pictures but the deadline had past and technically waza hadn’t entered at all, so i let him be voted for without visual aid.

so i ask you, the people, to think about all these things in voting and consider not only the coolness of a catapult but rather the coolness of a robot just as functional, if not more, but with no human help(besides control)

I guess that I’ll just have better luck this month, if I follow the rules.:slight_smile:

I’m now going to start working on it more

do know what stinks i post so much reputation for u guys i can’t give u more for awhile

Well it least thats cleared up. Waza your robot is still a good robot anyways.

I agree with u

same here…