Reaching the High Post

Hey Guys! Hope you all are having a great start to the season.
This week I have been making the 6-bar to my bot, and I kept on coming up with the issue that it just doesn’t reach the high post. It gets really close, enough to knock off a cap if it were up there, but not enough to place one on.
Is everyone else using a dr4b? I want to keep the lift as simple as possible and not over complicate things, so if you have any suggestions, I am willing to hear!
The middle c-channel is 40 holes long (we connected a 35 and a 5 hole c-channel together)

You can use an 8 bar. Nobody ever said you can only use 6 bars :slight_smile: You can always explore other lifts too. Some teams use elevator lifts and DR4Bs because of their linear properties. Personally I think scissor lifts could do really well this year because they allow a lot of space in the middle for putting shooters and such.

If you don’t like @Nicholas Xavier ‘s idea, you could play with the spacing of the bars on your 6-bar. The closer the bars are to each other, the higher the lift will go, granted it will need more torque to get there.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I spent some some with a sister team and this is how I fixed their 6-bar.

I know lots of people despise 8-bars…but I made a slim one for itz and its was a bit wobbly at the top, but if you built it like a normal 6-bar you would be fine. My slim design was just one set of main bars down the middle with vertical bars on both sides, so i used about 25%-30% less metal as I was concerned about weight and without alum.

I would really use a DR4B tbh. Unless you offset your 6-bar, it will be really hard for it to travel in a linear fashion. Using a DR4B allows for easier line-ups with both the low and high posts. Plus, I would call it a basic lift right now since there are so many resources that can help you make one since last year was dominated by DR4B’s

The problem with scissor lifts this year that I thought of is that the part of the lift that goes the highest does not rest at ground level when not expanded. This means you either have to make an extra tall scissor lift to compensate for this, or you have to spend an extra motor on a chain bar or something to reach from the top of the scissor lift to the ground. Scissor lifts also generally need 2 motors (one for each side) while a compact dr4b could use 1 motor.
There are probably pros to using the scissor lift this year, such as the space in the middle like you said, but I didn’t really see them as outweighing the cons.

I suggest that you do a cascade lift system because it will be stable enough.

They can be hard to build especially when compared to a 6 bar

Yeah that’s true. I need some help/ideas with our claw. Can anyone give any ideas for a claw that can pick up the caps?

This post have some or might have some later on:

If you just browse around on youtube and watch reveal videos you can find quite a few different styles.

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