Reactions To US Open

Wanted to start a thread on people’s opinion of the event and interesting things they saw. My favourite was the bucket bot that hoarded all the cubes in high school division.

Its not exactly on the topic, but it is related. Did anyone else notice that some of the teams on the skills list didn’t show up in the match rankings?

Does anyone have any video?

Skunkworks amazed me. I think they are going to win worlds, especially if they alliance with a very good robot like 974x (amazing during the us open) or like.

anyone have videos of the finals that they would be willing to share?

That Greenville MS sweep though. Congrats to 185A, 118, and 1492X!

Haha! I saw that. Throughout the season they’ve been one heck of a club. Congrats to them and the high school champs as well.

We have go pro footage of our qualification rounds, and finals match videos!

As soon as we have wifi capable of uploading to YouTube, we will do so.

Congrats on winning the Excellence Award!

Congrats 323z on the Overall Excellence award and congrats to Jesse on the Mentor of the Year award! They are well deserved.

Also, did anyone else notice that the live stream cameras were awful? like +/-140p

I definitely agree that the netbot, as they termed it, was a very interesting concept. I never ended up in a match with them but I had heard about them and had wanted to see them play, but I only saw them in one of the elimination matches and by then the opposing alliance had figured out pretty much how to stop them. It was a really innovative idea though and I give them a huge round of applause for doing something totally out of the box.

Well… we do have 1 over here. Not exactly hoard all the cubes. But maybe 14 out of the total 22 cubes available.

But this is not something that we can show the video to the world now…
Else there will be multiple strategies being planned against it :frowning:

I also noticed the poor streaming quality. I really hope that the stream at Worlds is much better than this one was.

You’re talking about 185D?

I don’t recall their team number, but their robot essentially looked like a big square box that once they got on field, they dropped their sides down and it expanded to a (comparatively) huge bowl type shape made up of the sides and string connecting them making something that looked like the sides of a boxing ring. I would say more but if they are going to worlds I’d rather not give away their strategies so other teams can plan ahead as how to defeat them :slight_smile: Anyways, I thought it was a brilliant idea and I’ve never seen anything like it

Food options in the venue was absolutely terrible! What about vegetarians? Diabetics? Etc. They should have at least let us bring in outside food, since we were there so long.

I heard rumors that it will be 4k :smiley: and I refused to watch the stream of nationals. It made my eyes hurt.:frowning:

+1 to this (or is it -1 when you agree it was not good?)

The video quality of the middle school fields was pretty much unwatchable. The video had lines through it, the timer was cropped out except for the bottom part of the number, and the sound was not right. Looked like a Star Trek transporter was starting up.

How do you get support from ustream for events? I sure hope it is better next week at worlds. Luckily I won’t have to use the ustream as I will be present.

So unfortunately I was not at the US Open to watch two of my middle school teams compete - 80W and 80M. Both did pretty well and had a good time. 80M was 5th in programming skills while 80W was 4th in driving skills and ended up 5th in qualifications. Too bad their chain let out on them. We’ll be back for sure.

Robot events did not have the results from the Creative division only Innovative. Vex Via had both.

323Z, sucking up ahead a time does get you brownie points “always a great event”.:slight_smile: Congratulations, well deserved.

And saying that the video was awful is paying them a compliment. Last year it was good but this year needs investigation.

Overall, I thought the tournament was really well done.

Congratulations to 7232, 7232B, 7232C, and 7232E. You guys did us proud.

How did teams like the Tuesday - Thursday schedule ?