Reading Sensor Values in Robotc

I have recently started using robotc. I have been using robotc for nxt for work for a while and there its called “poll sensors” but I cant seem to find the window to see the sensor values. Does anyone know where to find it? or what the print string is.

If you want to read a sensor in code use SensorValue, for example, to read analog input 1 use

int x = SensorValue( in1 );

If you mean the sensor debug window, activate it under the robot menu.


After downloading your code, go to Robot > Debug Windows and check “Sensors” to view the sensor values while you run your code.


Thanks alot guys. I have been trying for quite a while now and did not know it was that simple.

The ability to track all the motors sensors and global variables so easily is my favorite part of robotc and is what finally convinced me I should switch to it.

I love it, too! (Until it causes the Blue Screen of Death, that is… . D:)