Reading Sensor Values Mid Match

Hello! I was just wondering if it was possible to read certain sensor values on your robot from your controller or other device during a match (for example, reading the current power of you lift), and if so, how would you go about reading those values?

You can not read values from the controller, but using something as simple as lighting up an LED if your lift power is within a certain range would probably do the job just fine.

Not quite true.

Not accounting for competition rules, because IDK on this one (ask Karthik), it is possible using the programming cable to get to a serial connection directly from the Cortex.

For example, controller to programming cable to a computer, and a terminal and you’ve got readings. I can imagine something like my Surface Pro 3 doing this in a reasonable configuration on the field.

AGAIN, like 99% chance not legal for HS. But DOABLE, certainly at least on a practice field for tuning.

I wrote code to do this as a program BTW, it will work on OS / Linux with PROS. You actually don’t need to write ANY code on the computer side to see values. Just open a terminal, find the device descriptor for the Corex, configure it with stty and cat it. I did this here.

@Cody You are correct in saying that while it is possible to read values from the cortex over the programming cable during normal operation, it is impossible to do so during a competition match. This isn’t necessarily due to a ruling from Karthik on the subject (he might have said something on the subject, but I don’t know), but instead because Vexnet 2.0 locks down its debug channel when plugged into a competition switch. During normal operation it is entirely possible, but it would not be possible to read data values from the cortex in this way during a match.

That actually makes sense.