Ready or not

4 days to the Rugby World Cup and just over 4 weeks to the Robot World Cup!

The Cloud is Ready.

The Mech Wars Robots are designed, their lasers warming up. (Yes we have an arena where four VEX robots {driven by the public} will play last man standing laser tag with drivers only being able to see what is going on through wireless cams on the robots)

Teams are practising and so far I am seeing Driver Skill Scores of 33 being posted but don’t despair we are also seeing low score as well.

With the VEX Robot World Cup almost upon us we have more than 40 teams lined up ready to compete. The hard part is going to be deciding which New Zealand teams get to compete against those from the rest of the world. Registrations have not been done yet as NZ teams will only register when we know who has qualified, anxious times for all.

We are working to live stream the event so lets hope we can get the bandwidth for free.

See you all soon.

READY! We are certainly all hyped! Just sorting out alliances now :wink: It sounds like its gonna be an amazing event!

Which international teams are confirmed out of interest? And also is there live TV coverage for this event like there was for nationals this year?

1/ We hope so. :o
2/ Secret. :cool:
3/ Working on it. How many international news stations do you think we can get? :wink:

  1. Secret? AWWWW… :wink:

  2. More than one? :open_mouth: