Real or fake


Considering the wheels are relatively flat, this wouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish.

Real. I have already done this with 2 omni wheels.

Fake… 3D Printer with Multi-Colored ABS…

someone was bored :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the exact same thing I though of when I first saw that picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Real or fake?
These are team 4886a’s trophies from Sack Attack so far.

Definitely Fake, 4886A could never be that good. jk :wink:

I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

The trophies may be real, but look at the emergency exit sign! Clearly they photoshopped it to be green from red! :wink:

In the U.S.A. many Exit signs are Green, and some are Red. I can not ever remember seeing any other colors…

I think I saw a blue one once.

I like how 4886A’s robot skills trophies have index cards attached with tape to label them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because they never sent them the plates to attach to them…

you know these parts make really good claw and scoop systems right?

I would pay to have someone use a trophy as a scoop for their robot!