Real Robots Live - multiplayer real life robotics game - call for ideas

Hi guys,

Just wanted to make you all aware of a new project, and gather your ideas.
The project is called Real Robots Live and will make it possible to log onto a live robot over the internet and drive it around a remote arena.
You’ll have full control over the robot via the software and will be able to see the camera images that stream from the robot’s perspective. It’s a high res, low latency feed on the robots and around the arena.
Lots of these robots will be playing in the same arena - a real life online multiplayer game!
We want robots to be able to construct structures, destroy them using weapons and interact with the arena (opening doors,etc.).
Once online, we want to setup RealRobotsLiveTV so everyone can watch live events.

This is a call for ideas. This is a game with the real world as it’s engine. What would you like to see in this?

Check out our videos: website
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In 2-3 months we are aiming to crowdfund the project.


Anyway you can use this video game psychology to get some things done in the real world? How about a game that addicts kids to mowing my lawn or cleaning up trash by the side of the road? :smiley:

That’s really cool, I think games that involve physics (building things, destroying things, shooting balls) would be great because they would take advantage of the real life nature of this (realistic physics!)

That would be great—Lawnmower Challenge: Level 9 FullMetalMentor’s backyard—until they drove your lawnmower into your pool or through your flowers or into your neighbors yard or something

Are you going to have some kind of protections in place to keep people from wrecking the robots?

That sounds very cool! What platform are you using? Is it a Raspberry Pi?

If you are going to let it run unattended all the time, how are you going to handle discharged or disabled robots?

Will there be special software that takes over when battery drops below certain level and takes the robot to the charging station?

Will you have a larger house (parent) robot that will be able to restore the order? For example, if somebody runs the little robot off the ramp and it lands on the side or back.

We had camera equipped robot and manipulator arm we brought to middle school science fair last year. Kids would operate them with laptops from behind the poster board to move some small toy balls. Just between the two manipulated robots something would always get stuck and technik jr or me had to help it every few minutes.

RealGrassCuttingLive - could catch on! :smiley:

Glad to hear you mentioned physics FarceSolid, we really think that adds to the real world element. We think the ability to move blocks and build (with a robotic forklift) and then destroy these (with a cannon for example) would be very fun, what does everyone think?

technik3k - It is indeed Raspberry Pi on the robot itself. We have spent a lot of time building the gameplay / server / client / bandwidth issues etc to make this all possible. Each arena will be attended and rogue robots will be managed through this. Each robot monitors its battery life so we can schedule this to avoid gameplay issues.

Thanks for the input everyone, keep the suggestions coming!

This sounds ALOT like cloudyrobotics.

Cloudyrobotics is a really cool project, and is similar to our idea in some ways. They have made more of an API for connecting robots together over the internet a bit like offering a game engine for others to create their own games. What we propose is an game that is ready to go, for people to connect online and enjoy together.

Rather than going for low latency, why not go for controlled latency?

After all, in one of the most famous robotics applications… space exploration… latency is a fact of life.

You could have different levels… International Space Station… Geostationary… Moon… (Mars might be a bit boring for viewers…)

People could upload their teleoperated code for robot control so that the machine would be a mix of telop and auto.


Fixed latency is a good idea, although it may be difficult to implement, the benefit though is that nobody has an unfair advantage! Will definitely look into this.

More suggestions welcome :slight_smile: