Real Time Scoring In VEX

For my senior engineering project, I’m designing a system to allow real time scoring in VEX Robotics. I’ve linked to a survey I created below, if you could take the time to respond to this survey, it would greatly help me in my project. Also, if you have any other input about a real time scoring system, please feel free to post a reply in this thread.

Would this be based off of sensors or a redone Tournament Manager where volunteers/refs manually update scores in real time? I would assume the first, but some of the questions make me wonder… namely, in what way would you need volunteers for the real time scoring?

So with this program, would competitors be able to look up and see the score as they play in order to help with SP’s? If so, I could see it being useful, but not essential.

Do you only want responses from people who host tournaments?

To answer a few questions, this survey is directed mainly at people who run or volunteer at events. If you don’t run an event, it would still be helpful for you to take the survey and leave the fields blank that you are not familiar with.

The actual operation of the system is still very much undecided, for Toss Up, the system would probably involve a volunteer updating the score in real time because the setup of the game makes automated scoring unfeasible. Ideally, the system would be automated but this would require a game where this is possible.

Thanks for the responses so far!