REAL wall-e!!!

Hey everyone,

Check out my wall-e project that I’ve been working on. This is the second video. I’m using vex as the “brains” of it for now. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments!

i think you should lower the gear ratio in the head joints. it seems kind of jerky.

Neat, what are you using to program it?

Well right now there’s no programming involved, but I’m just running it straight off of the vex microcontroller. I hope to use some other microcontroller and programming software for it though. Got any suggestions?

lower gear ratio in the head, lol

What gears? It looks to me like he has servos hooked directly to his structure. That will always be a bit jerky with a remote, but under software control, he can limit the acceleration/deceleration to make it much more smooth.

Nice compact design - looks like four degrees of freedom?

Very excellent!

  • Dean

i found this motor that may be less jerky.

100:1 gear ratio!

it might be smooth under software control, but if it doesn’t that motor might work.

I was wondering what happened to this project. Good to see that you kept on with it. What kind of motor(s) are you using for the joints that make it look up/down and left/right? Those aren’t Vex servos.

Yes he definitely needs to add software smoothing to reduce the stress and jerkiness of the servos. But apart from that, great job on its head!