Real world robotics / machine learning

Interesting (though heavy on fluff) article in Wired about BWM’s new factory for making components for EVs:


Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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Now that you bring Machine Learning up…

Now, we all know that life can be boring especially during these times. So, as a result of my own time and efforts I decided to learn how to build a discord bot and possibly take things a step further. Through Deep-Learning, I have built a Discord bot that you can physically talk to. The bot is capable to somewhat converse using intents exported from Google’s Smalltalk system, alongside:

  • Search Google Images,
  • Search YouTube Videos,
  • Get Random Inspirational Quotes,
  • Do advanced math calculations using Wolfram Alpha’s API,
  • Search Information on the Web,
  • Play Music in Voice Channel,
  • 8-Ball answer Questions about Other Discord Users,
  • Deep Learning Discussions with Users,
  • Music Queueing,

All of the bot’s functionality is free to use. It can pretty much answer any question, but sometimes you may need to explicitly tell the bot to search for a result (i.e. 'search for the world’s population). The bot is capable of answering questions related to math, for the most part, using Wolfram Alpha’s API.

Additionally you can tell the bot to search for historical elements as well to help you with school (i.e. ‘find the declaration of independance’).

Yet again, this bot is completely free (Only caveat is that it may suddently go offline every once-in-a-while due to maintenance or to apply additional deep-learning intents). If possitlbe, I would love it if y’all can use it and create a bond with it before it considers taking over the world.
Thank you,

  • Connor White

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This looks really cool! Are you willing to share the source code for it?

I may release the source code in the future but I first need to hide the tokens and format the code to be more understandable.



Edit: :man_facepalming:


The bot do got its facts straight

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Update: I have built a database for stock predictions on my computer, which downloads 500 stock spreadsheets and applies machine learning to predict future stocks, alongside patterns associated with stocks.

IDK if this would be useful or not so :man_shrugging:
who knows. Maybe I can have the bot allow stock tracking, where if the bot predicts the data to go downwards then it would message the individual on Discord?


My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

I found out that the data collector program (an external program outside of the bot’s environment) has a limit to how much of the data can be cached (20 pictures). So I have allowed the bot to still send stock data if there is no picture allocated, alongside I am re-running the data collector and machine learning system again with some changes to hopefully fix the problem.
Sorry about that, it should be fixed later today.