Realism of 4 Stage Tray Flipout


So it seems that teams will need to be stacking 12+ to be competitive at worlds. That being said the most common design, 3 stage L-Channel Flip Traybot is physically limited to 10 cubes. What do y’all think is the future of traybots and their ability to score higher stacks

I’m thinking it’s either 4 stage flip or 4th Telescopic Stage


I think telescoping 4th stage is more common but I have 4 flip outs and it works fine, It’s better b/c u can do the high tower and descore more easily.


if you can get 12 fast go for it but if you struggle to put it up fast and reliable them don’t do it. I really under looked strategy is to get like 2 6 stacks and then if your teammate can just focus of putting one color in the towers like say 3-4 then you have 48-60 points right there. A simple 6 bar can work extremely well to place inside towers

the problem with that is by placing cubes in towers you are also scoring for opponents, so if your opponent stacks 3 12 stacks, i don’t think you can win with 3 6 stacks mathematically. by worlds people will be doing 12+ stacks pretty consistently.


That’s not gonna be enough at worlds tho. We’re talking end game here


Very true I honestly don’t know how to best of the best is going to turn out. You look at teams that are further in their season and you see they have 3 pull flip outs and a half 4th. Four full will probably be the furthest they can go. I still think going for a color is going to be game changing at worlds.

I would disagree with this, i think 12 or 13 cubes is the optimal stack height, but you can pretty easily fit a 3 cube fifth stage on a 4 stage tray because if you do all front flipping it creates a triangle so for the 5th stage you can make another fwd flip that fits in the triangle, or a back flipping tray that fits along the outside of the 4th stage when folded.

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From a scoring perspective, it doesn’t make much sense to stack higher than 12. 3 stacks of 12 is 36/66 cubes available so if you grab another 12 to hoard, your opponent only has 20 cubes total to work with.


In early season comps, 6-7 should be good. 5 could be good if you can swap towers easily. But as the season moves on, teams are going to get more competitive, so the cube capacities of their robots are going to increase.

Depends on your region tho

Not for what this topic is, which is worlds

Has anybody had any trouble driving with a four stage flip out? I want to do four stage so I’m doing 1 flipout and 2 telescopic (is that what it’s called now?). I just thought that the extra stages might makes it harder to drive because they might hit the towers.

It’s usually tall enough to clear the towers

IMO, stacking higher than ten is going to be beneficial, but the real game-changer is how fast you can get to all those cubes. Seeing as 6 stacks of 11 is all the cubes possible, and that’s assuming there are none left for the towers, you will need to be able to intake much, much faster than your opponent IOT stack 11-13 cubes.

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Tray are getting too large. It will be hard to drive around the field with 4 stages. But the benefits of just outstacking your opponent get realized when you both have immense quantities of cubes stacked and just a couple on the field. That is going to be the surest way to win a match at worlds, stack so much of every color that your opponents can’t use the towers against you. The only question will be who does the huge stacks the fastest.


I think of a worlds match having a dr4b and a traybot vs a traybot team to go like this
Auton:Both teams score some big stacks, including the dr4b since it can use prebuilt stacks
Driver control: dr4b plays defence against the stronger traybot and keeps it from doing anything while the other traybots race for stacks. After that the dr4b goes for the towers exploiting a cube advantage from the colored cubes.
Then again we are a dr4b team and I gotta keep my hopes up


I’m predicting at least 1 db4 tray in the finals

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I predict 2 dr4b trays, a goofy, and a cascade.

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I predict 2 complex trays, dr4b tray, and dr4b. I imagine that a complex tray will win, either combo-ed with a dr4b or other unthought-of design that has not yet been popularized.

at least one dr4b. def a complex, and something else. we’ll find out