Realistic Worlds Expectations/Goals

So for the first time, I’m going to worlds. I have my high hopes, my current (unrealistic?) goal is to make it to divisional quarterfinals, but 80% of the teams that go to worlds won’t be competing in the eliminations.

So what should I be expecting? What should goals should I be aiming for, as an above-average-but-still-mediocre team?

Congrats on making it to worlds! My team is currently in the same boat. Honestly I just want to have some fun. Obviously winning would be nice but I mean these are literally the best teams in the world, just making it this far is a huge accomplishment.

Well, I mean, yes. Of course.

But I know for a fact there are at least 3 robots in the world superior to mine. And this seems kind of unlikely. So for a goal, this is a bit out of reach. Obviously I’m not going to just give up if I make it to quarterfinals, but that’s what I think I can do with my bot.

What about as far as expectations?

Thanks! I want to have fun, too, but it’s rare I go into a competition not having an idea of what I want. I guess I’m just obsessive.

I want to win 1 qualifying match. Then I’m gonna celebrate. Then I’m gonna win it all.

Your top priority should be to have fun. Getting into the elimination rounds is a good goal to have, but don’t be too disappointed if you don’t make it.

Quarterfinals is pretty hard to make, statistically (as you stated). We made quarterfinals last year with our robot in a much better state than what we won State with. This year, the robot I had at State would probably make quarterfinals, but I am rebuilding because I want a chance at getting in the dome. You’ve seen that robot. If you can be about that good, I think you could make quarters. I obviously cannot say this for certain, however.

I think that if the robot worked* I could have matched you, or at least come close. I will definitely be improving over the next month, though.

*Every time I say this I cringe because I feel like I’m just making excuses.

Along with planning to win, make sure you talk to the cool teams you have seen maybe on youtube or the forum. Make friends while there, might come in handy for alliance selection. But not only for alliance selection but it will just make the week much more enjoyable.

For all the effort to get qualifed for worlds + flying 27hrs + the few thousands bucks per person = we have to aim to win worlds

But no worries… We are very friendly teams… And we speak good english, so please drop by and say hi to us :slight_smile:

Ps… This year i might even leave some pizza on the tables…

Pps… Singapore is not part of china

Slightly related, what languages should we expect to encounter? As far as I can tell, Mandarin and Spanish should about cover it.

Singapore teams?
All singapore students speak at least 2 languages.
Our main spoken language is actually english. And all of them can speak either mandarin or malay or tamil.
Some of them even took a 3rd language, eg. French or spanish or japanese, etc.

Think for the worlds, english, mandarin and spanish should cover at least 80% of the teams.

A lot of Chinese teams have at least one member who is pretty fluent in English. At worst google translate is here to help.

Does anybody know of a good translator from English to mandarin? Or at least understandable. My school does not offer mandarin, nor do I know anybody who speaks it to ask them.

Pleco is a pretty decent dictionary type thing.

Do not trust the google translate. The image of all those badly translated signages came to mind…

The china teams are definitely much prepared than those initial years.
But it might still be a bit of problem if there is a need to change strategy or last minute change of plan during the match.

I’m pretty fluent in mandarin, but I don’t know a lot of the more technical terms for robotics (i.e. “autonomous”, “drive”, “claw”, other things you might not normally say in everyday speech). I’ve done a lot of translating from Mandarin to English, and Google’s translated speech – while garbled and pretty much unreadable – is pretty decent at getting a general meaning across.

LOL Maybe the best you can hope for is the be the 17th best robot in the world and end up as the 2nd pick on the 1st alliance. That would be pretty cool. Good luck.

I will have to try and finally come meet you this year.

Also regarding pps . . . lol

English will cover 90%, in my experience. Spanish is next most important (the Chinese teams are much more likely have someone who can understand you, and there are just as many Spanish-speaking teams. We had to communicate through a mentor last year… Not fun, but the Colombian team we were with that round was solid and we won. But this year will require more on-the-field commication, I think, so hopefully the drivers are fluent in the same language.