Really late less serious review of worlds

(I had 5 AP tests last week and studying for them ate up all my time so I couldn’t post this until now)
So I competed at worlds a few weeks back as did like everyone.

Had tons of fun and I have been glad to get to know everyone in vex over the last several years and worlds was probably the most fun I have ever had.
OYES was an absolute blast to hang out with and I know I speak for pretty much everyone when I say you guys deserved that 4th red trophy. I am also very glad to have had the opportunity to coach(really more hanging out then coaching) Pastoral, Ruiqi(2059) and string. String had the best ReRun I have ever seen and I run 2059’s rerun as well as talk to 2915 almost daily. He had an auton that catapulted 2 big balls from hang zone and then stashed 3 buckies in close goal and when we didn’t want to show people that he recorded perfectly another autonomous for us.

Watching the engineering division elimination matches/ pit crew for 2915C and 21 was quite interesting and every match left me astounded as to how no one picked either robot earlier. Spurflys was the highest scoring robot in the world. And Lynfield was widly considered the best second pick anyone could ever have and won NZ nationals. Lynfield C is the only robot that has ever beaten Master and Puppet with Whiplash when they were turned on. Did the other teams in that division not scout at all?

I saw a few interesting phenomenon throughout worlds.

  1. Eli from VEX must have been the only VEX employee because he did everything.
    Ran VEXU fields
    official translator
    fixing things at RobotC debug place

  2. Jpearman doesn’t actually exist :smiley: . I went by Arts field 4 times and RobotC place 3 times and every time people just said “o he was just here.”

  3. Rick Tyler is really cool. I got to spend almost 2 hours talking with him during all the final rounds about past robots in VEX and interesting robots this year.

  4. Karthik is a lot more willing to joke and be generally ton of fun to talk to when you don’t scream at him half dozen times.

O and I didn’t get picked because my intake deployment was so bad it would fail and get me driving into the rail for 10 seconds in autonomous.

Edit: I wish VEX did those after parties like they used to a few years ago.

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